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We have 4 types of events in our calendar ranging from pitching events, where you can present our projects to top-level businesspeople, over social networking for like minded entrepreneurs to innovation camps, where projects are worked over during a week long stay in an international location.

Evaluation events

In these events we are always making sure that some of our main people from the advisory board is attending. This gives you the opportunity to actually talk and network with some of the best within their field in Denmark or the rest of the world. An example of a theme in these events could be, Access to finance, Venture funding, Big Data, partnerships etc. If you attend an Evaluation Event, and has been picked out by NSE, your business idea or innovative product will be evaluated by our mentors directly on the stage.

Social Networking

The first Friday in each month there will be a social gathering for all members in a restaurant in Copenhagen.

Here you have the chance to be seen and talk about your business idea so NSE will have the chance to help you or match you with potential partners, customers, business angels or other interests.

Innovation Camp

A few times a year you will have the chance to travel with NSE. There will always be at least one member from the advisory board on this trip.

The idea is to bring your business plan, and get help on location to solve some of the pending challenges of your company. You will also have the change to network with other members, there can help you with your business.

Business Dating

A couple of times a year NSE will make sure to have an event where you can be matched with the next relevant people to move your business plan forward.

If you have not yet finished your product, it might be the right investors. If you have just finished your product it might be the right sales or marketing people, or even new customers.