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BioModics was the winner as the most innovative company in all of Europe in 2009. Read about it here.

BioModics has been funded by this competition, EU and national projects. The company’s 2014 goal was to find the relevant advisors for the advisory board in order to help them find the right investors. Christina Yoon Petersen has been helping BioModics to succeed that goal in early 2014.


LEDproof is a manufacturer of LED luminaries based on a Danish patent. This ensures 100.000 burn hours compared to the industry standard of 50.000 due to the unique construction principle.


LEEDproof needed working capital to realise the potential of the patent and approached a mentor from NSE for assistance.


Injecto is the worlds only functioning auto-disabled pre-filled syringe. It is a Danish patent using cutting-edge materials and ingenious design-details to enable it’s functions.


Injecto and the inventor needed seed capital to start up the company with regards to productions tools, moulds etc. and approached a mentor of the NSE for assistance.



Christina Yoon Petersen has contacted some of the most successful people within Biotech, and together with Peter Thomsen the founder of BioModics she has attended meetings with different potential advisory board members. They were all very enthusiastic to help, which means that Peter Thomsen now is able to move forward with his plan to contact investors.



We approached a number of private investors and secured approximately DKK 15.000.000 to establish a factory in France and also connected the owners to a number of foreign retail chains. This secured a major deal with a large UK chain. LEDproof has since then developed a new generation diode that enhances the market potential of their project drastically.


Based on very simple design drawings we developed an identity for the project including name, logo, product renderings, websites and investor material. We succeeded in establishing a contact to an investor and based on the identity and presentation material Injecto closed a deal.