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NSE is a network for science entrepreneurs. Our job is to help innovative entrepreneurs grow their business.

All people involved in the network are altruistic about the network, which means they are all involved because they want to help entrepreneurs to become as successful as they are. If you want to join the network as a member, you are also expected to carry that altruistic spirit forward. The more you help, the stronger your network will be.

Currently we have the top people in Denmark working for this project within:
Biotech, Marine Technology, ICT, Energy, Sociology, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Communication.


If you wish to become a special partner and sponsor in NSE you can contact founder and CEO Christina Yoon Petersen directly for more details about NSE. As a sponsor you help NSE to make greater events and service for the entrepreneurs, so they can create more growth and workplaces.

As a partner and sponsor you’re also able to to attend all events, and your logo will be exposed on events and our marketing campaigns. We also make customized agreements with sponsors to reach their goals.

For NSE it will be important that all members, sponsors and people involved support the main goal. To be altruistic about helping others to grow their business.